This is Whatever  - an introduction to the false pretender in the age of the simulacrum.

A performance in Live Thought for Falmouth Live Art Festival for 6 June 2008 at 3pm.

Jane Whitaker and Ken Turner are two performers introducing this concept of the False Pretender.

References are Thierry de Duve's 'Kant after Duchamp', and Deleuze's 'Logic of Sense' and  Writings from Kandinsky and Paul Klee and Mondrian and Van Doesburg. Contemporary performance artists also feature on video.

The drawn diagram indicates a schemata within which we are working.  The Audience is set within an installation of themselves.

Our method of working is based on negotiation between us as we, for 'philosophical reasons', are out of step with each other.

The next stage in the introduction of the False Pretender in 'This is Whatever' is to be carried through to the Deleadus Gallery in Clerkenwell during October/November 2008 when there will be a symposium and performances to audiences and to camera: the process of a film as a separate realization. For 'eyeprojects' this is to be a residency of eight days in negotiation with gallery, artists' technicians, artists and students.


for photos of the event of   Live Thought in 'This is Whatever'  at Falmouth  6th June 2008

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