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"eyeprojects" — 2008 onwards represents a move into areas where art, philosophy and pedagogy come into a more exacting and focussed engagement in representation, live performance, writing and thought.

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1.  this is whatever
2. KICK TO THE HEAD AND HEART OF ART       softback second edition
 2011 from Amazon

3. For the second edition ebook:   order from amazon

4. The 'PAPER' with jane & ken - work in progress

5.   "Shooting Words": august 2009

6.   'Get In The Ring' a video portraying the partnership between Drawing,               Performance and Thai Kickboxing - to accompany the book 'Kick to       The          Head and Heart of Art' 2010

7.   culture versus art (cva) February 2011

     performance events in 2012 & 2013

8.   'The Object/s of Light in Perception'  two events.

November 22nd 2012 Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery - see video -  

February 22nd 2013 Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust for Learning Stone and Gallery: see below.


  1. Please click here for pages that refer to  critical evaluations and statements on these two performances and workshops by Jane Whitaker and Ken Turner - statements made in June 2013

2014 to 2015 is a period of writing the book: 'Crashing Culture'  the story of an artist from the 60s to the present day, and work on performance of 'Word Body Oject' as a development from objects of light in perception.








Eye Projects is an attempt to translate or transpose philosophic
constructs through an accessible or 'Universal' language of
performance, in this sense the earlier 'PORTFOLIO' archive from 2000
represents this experimental phase of the work, and where the artists
involved have worked sporadically, yet persistently, and through a
number of phases, as a result of this approach.

The web site and specifically the portfolio of past work therefore, is a 'canvas' or
portal for this experience, and as much as for the performers, as for an
'audience'. The artists involved, have at differing stages and
from their own perspectives, further'd their own ideas
through the vehicle of the 'imaginativeeye'

Eye Projects therefore, is a new direction, in that 'the projects'
visualised and completed, have been inaugurated in the light of the
'The Whatever' investigations.

'Eye Projects' has been established specifically to realise a creative
space that sits beyond what is already imagined in any collaboration,
or configuration. It is therefore always in a state of preparedness
for action. A form of will to action, vita activa.



The Site for Performance and Live Art  contact

this site will now be structured thus: each artist with their own page, but other references to the right stay the same

jane whitaker yet to be constructed

ken turner click for information  

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PORTFOLIO archivearchive

The development of an experimental process in documentation and research from 2000 to 2008 as a background to current projects.