The Idea and the Metaphor in Performance


It comes to us all.

How to explain ourselves.

Well - through a long hop skip and a jump,

this is it.

No work of art exists without ideas.

No one, whoever they are, lives without a thought.

To this effect thinking is contained not only in philosophy but is embebbed also in the visual arts, poetry, music, literature and daily life. hmm, that's pretty obvious, where do we go now?.


In the past we have resorted to phrases like:

philosophy in action

from text to stage — pages into staging

thought as site specific

speculative theatre of the mind

a philosophical exploration of language

a critical function of mind sets


But explaining is another thing.

The only way for the imaginativeeye to do this is, in he main, found through experimental performance. But we have written a lot since 2002, and will develop this soon here.


looking at the archive link would be one way of explaining and this might be enough for the time being, however do come back later as explanations or descriptions will follow.......................

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The image above is from a performance ( Exeter-2005) about brackets that enclose perception in the normal sense of the word, whereas outside the brackets (themselves) there exists a space for        re- newal of thought iteself.

The Table also is a metaphor for philosophy in the sense that we put motions on the table, motions that later develop into the table becoming articulate in voicing ideas, it is a table from which thinking itself is made into a performance. Even its tilt is expressive in both images. The brackets have gone to their place on the table in the left image where a contretemps might happen, and will as the performance moves forward. And then the potato appears as another  metaphor.....................................more to follow about the potato and the table, 'mongst other things........................................................

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the potato piece with brackets as performed at the Phoenix Theatre Exeter 2005

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click here    for table talk and its motions

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