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Making art is never easy if one is to explore new aesthetics and visions of new realities, whatever the medium.

Current practice within some areas of live art performance is to link up with the latest technological gadgetry in a so-called fusion of art and

To my mind this can sometimes move away from the business of art,
(funny business - art, said one renowned painter - might have been JMW Turner)
The project of the Imaginative Eye, as I see it, is to work on making art while questioning the ground on which art is made. This is a difficult task to perform, but a necessary one.

There will be many attempts by the Imaginative Eye on many different levels and approaches -Boots and Laces being the first. The artists of the project are very alive to other possibilities

The real subject of Boots and Laces is threefold: The disappearance of the artist, due to despair of recent cultural criteria, and the possible re-appearance to new forms of expression as a means to
survival. Secondly, the development of video as a poetic and painterly medium in
philosophical propositions. Thirdly, to investigate that space between the virtual digital world and
the immediacy of the here and now in the flesh of physicality.

In doing this an attempt will be made to involve some of the audience in pre-production research that will show itself within the video/installation and performance, as artists and audience endeavour to explore the
possibilities of new ways of looking and thinking.

My work in making art covers painting, video, computer formulation, writing, and performance art.
I am not interested in being thought interdisciplinary, because I do not find there is any separation between these skills: each works within the other in an interchange and exchanging change if welded to a conviction
in evolving ideas.

The above are my personal views, however within the group I find great stimulation and development of ideas and nothing ever stands still, least of all in the process of making art.