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                                                     listed below is the archive section of the project



  imaginativeeye 2002 to 2008

eyeprojects inaugurated in 2008, represents an important   development in our investigation of research, performance, art and philosophy.





This development of eyeprojects evolved from our previous work. And is an indication of how our focus and attention is now being brought to bear on many aspects, the most important being on the nature of research and its bearing on practice.

We have now completed a work that we consider to be a step further into how philosophy, art and performance, and the the manner in which philosophical research is necessary, necessary that is, to the development of Researched Live Thought into Practice. Live thought itself is integral to the performance, and through its research and practice by eyeprojects draws the attention of the audience into the sense that an act of thinking within the performance becomes part of the performance itself. Expressed by one in the audience as "inspiring".

the work and its link is:       this is whatever

    video still from This is Whatever at the Deleadus gallery London E1
  audience installation plan for falmouth this is whatever

     background image showing drawn and hand written script for This is Whatever

     also a link to related paintings

Eye Projects is an attempt to translate or transpose philosophic
constructs through an accessible or 'Universal' language of
performance, in this sense the earlier 'working notebook' from 2002
represents this experimental phase of the work, and where the artists
involved have worked sporadically, yet persistently, and through a
number of phases, as a result of this approach.

The website and specifically the archive therefore, is a 'canvas' or
portal for this experience, and as much as for the performers, as for an
'audience'. The artists involved, have at differing stages and
from their own perspectives, further'd their own ideas
through this vehicle of the 'imaginativeeye'

Eye Projects therefore, is a new direction, in that 'the projects'
visualised and completed, have been inaugurated in the light of the
'The Whatever' investigations.

'Eye Projects' has been established specifically to realise a creative
space that sits beyond what is already imagined in any collaboration,
or configuration. It is therefore always in a state of preparedness
for action. A form of will to action, vita activa.

   drawn script