2000 to 2008


2000     Systems Questioning Life Live Art  (sqallp)

2001     historicalpresent.htm  yet to be fully completed

2002     Portland performance

2003     Newlyn Art Gallery performce and text

2003     Newlyn performance

2003      SALLISBENNEY.html brighton performance and text

2004     VIDEO.html

2004     VIDEO2.html

2006      Newlin Art Gallery performance

2007     shifts.html     shifts2.html    shiftsvideoclips-.1html   ideas in perception and phenomenology

2007      unquietmind.html in St. Ives

2008     false pretender-2.html and text

2008     falmouth- this is whatever photos

some short videos in reletion to performance and philosophy

Jane's lips in 'lecture mode' and the academic

Dance with philosphical book and support brackets completed with potatoes

Philosophical table talk animation

The table with potatoes in philosophical mood in animation

More tabling images and potatoes

A number of videos from various periods of the archive

more achival video

artists involved

Thought on the Word and in motion

the performative lie a barn performance